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Welcome to Ronin Sharpening! We are the Coachella Valley's only full services mobile sharpening provider. While we are able to sharpen almost any item that requires sharpening, our core business is kitchen knives for the home chef and the professional chef, and hair shears for professional hair stylists and clipper blades for pet groomers. We will restore your knives or shears to their original factory condition.

Ronin Sharpening also sells hair shears and kitchen knives. For hair we carry Sensei Shears, Washi Shears and Kenchii Shears. For knives we offer Chroma, Porsche, Mundial, Victorinox, and Mercer. We also offer a knife exchange program for commercial kitchens. We supply the knives and rotate them every week or 2 weeks depending on your kitchens needs.

Being a home chef myself, I know from personal experience what a difference a sharp knife can make. Contrary to what one would think, more people are injured by using dull knives because of the tendency for the edge of the knife to slip. A knife with a sharp edge will reduce the likelihood of injuries and provide you with a more enjoyable cooking experience. All knives will eventually need professional sharpening and Ronin Sharpening is the only sharpening service in the Coachella Valley able to provide you with the perfect cutting edge.

A good kitchen knife can cost in upwards of $200+ and the electric sharpeners available to the general consumer often do more damage than good. Most consumer sharpeners only provide you with the ability to grind the edge which quickly becomes dull under normal use.

There are three stages to knife sharpening that need to be performed in order to gain and retain the perfect edge. The first stage is “grinding”. This stage shapes the blade edge to its proper angle so that it will retain its finished edge longest. The next stage is “honing”. Once the knife has been ground it creates a burr. Under a microscope it would look like small serrations. The honing process removes that burr leaving a clean edge. The third stage is “polishing”. This process polishes the edge to razor sharpness providing you with the ultimate cutting tool. Ronin Sharpening also has the ability fix damaged knives with broken tips and bent blades.

Ronin Sharpening is a mobile service which means that you can bring your knives to us at the local farmers markets, or you can give us a call and we will come to your residence or place of business and sharpen them there. Please visit our
"Schedule" page to locate farmers markets and convenient drop off locations.